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Once your petition is received a member will contact you shortly to discuss your application.  Before petitions can be processed, you will be required to attend a meeting and pay the required fees as stated on the forms.  Any further questions please use the contact us email.

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The Solomons Sevens Chapter is very diverse with a wide range of age and experience levels. Our members come from various cities and Lodges reaching from Columbus to Dayton, and ride just about every brand and style of motorcycle. We also offer different levels of membership in our chapter to accept ladies, non-masons, and even non-riders in the hopes of educating and introducing them into our two beloved interests. 

If having fun riding with lots of social time and meeting new brothers to help spread Freemasonry's good works sounds good to you, then we would love to hear from you!.

Ready to Go? 

There are just a few requirements for FULL Membership in Solomons Sevens Chapter:

  1. You must be a Freemason in good standing in a subordinate lodge of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, or Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio
  2. You must own a motorcycle 500cc or larger, capable of freeways speeds.
  3. You must be legal, as in vehicle registration, motorcycle endorsement, insurance etc.

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Mailing Address:
2840 State Route 665
London, OH 43140

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