Widows SonsThe Widows Sons, Masonic Riders Association is an association of Master Masons who have gathered together to promote freemasonry within the motorcycling community and to introduce motorcycling to non-riding Masonic brethren. We are committed to the ‘brotherly love, relief, and truth’ tenets of our lives, and devoted to supporting widows & orphans of our Masonic brethren. We hold events and rides as fundraisers to support masonry and our charitable efforts.
Although recognized by our Grand Lodge, we are not a masonic body, and do not officially act as representatives of Freemasonry; also we are not a gang, or show any allegiance to any 1% club.  We are part of an International Association of Masons that strives to support our fraternity while presenting a good impression to the public while riding. You can consider us a “Masonic booster club” because we support our brethren and lodges and try to introduce freemasonry to the motorcycling world while riding our motorcycles!
The Winged Logo has much masonic symbolism to our brethren, and is representative of our fraternity to the public. The name Widows Sons and our patches are recognized world wide by many other riding associations and clubs, and Grand Lodges.  Here in Ohio our patches are embroidered with Silver borders to show our affiliation with the Ohio Grand Chapter Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association; of which there are currently 25 chapters across the state.

Our Chapter Name “Solomons Sevens” was adopted as recognition of our Masonic Heritage and reminds us to act in the character of our ancient brethren, how the principles of freemasonry cross all boundaries; of countries, opinions, and even time. Importantly it also alludes to our charter; as Seven members met on July 07, 2007 at 7 p.m. to found this local chapter. During this meeting there were numerous ‘seven’ occurrences and it was deemed that this should always be remembered. The evening was closed with the toast of a ‘seven and seven’ with seven straws. Now into more than our 10 year history seven occurrences have been documented and happen often for our members to keep our traditions alive.
The Solomons Sevens Chapter is very diverse with a wide range of age and experience levels. Our members come from various cities and Lodges reaching from Columbus to Dayton, and ride just about every brand and style of motorcycle. We also offer different levels of membership in our chapter to accept ladies, non-masons, and even non-riders in the hopes of educating and introducing them into our two beloved interests.  If having fun riding with lots of social time and meeting new brothers to help spread Freemasonry's good works sounds good to you, then we would love to hear from you!.

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